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Search Engines

Finding credible and relevant results when searching the internet can be difficult, especially when searching for legal information. You are sent to sites with little credibility or you find yourself in government websites full of complex legal jargon.

Social Sites

Social sites allow you to ask questions and get feedback from a group of peers, but it is usually very difficult to determine if the author or the information is credible.  Whereas, legal sites often charge a fee to ask a question, or you get no response, with no community to help you refine your question.


JusCheckIt is different!  Our on-line forum allows you to ask anonymous legal questions and get insights and information from a supportive community that includes lawyers.  And ultimately, if you choose, you can be connected with a participating lawyer to help finally resolve your issue.

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How To JusCheckIt!

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JusCheckIt is an on-line forum that allows you to post questions and receive feedback from other members of the community.

To visit the forum, click on the Community link at the top of the page.

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Asking A Question
To ask a question, click on the legal category most relevant to your question, and then click the “Ask A Question” button. If you are unsure of which legal category to select, click on the “Unknown” category, and ask your question there.

When asking your question, be sure to provide enough detail to allow others to fully understand your problem, but please do not include any identifying information. We want to help you maintain your anonymity.

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Responding To Feedback
After posting, continue to check your discussion, and respond as quickly as possible to any clarifying questions. This will help the community guide you to the most relevant information.
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Getting Answers
Remember that any responses you receive are just guidance. Hopefully, this information will help you figure out the best next step for your legal issue.
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Helping Others
As a community member, feel free to respond to any posts where you feel that you have something meaningful to contribute.
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